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The investment world is driven by two components: time based relative ROI and RISK. Developing residential or leisure real estate projects has a number of interesting variations in this context. The added value in a development project really sits in the creation and co-ordination of a plan and the marketing of the project to the buyer. In case of residential or holiday-home projects the buyer is the consumer, who's prime driver is the utilization of the real estate object, the fact that it is a good investment is secondary.

The Ciorogarla Project will make a next step to develop a capacity to attract investors, to construct market and sell sub-urban residential homes in the opportunity space which the inevitable expansion of Bucharest will provide. The Ciorogarla Project main objective is learning with a low risk. With the learning up scaling can be modeled with confidence.

The first phase of Ciorogarla Project means building and selling three residential houses. It is a project by itself. We refer to it as ''phase I'' in order to place it in a much larger context: the formidable business opportunity both, Bucharest and Brasov provides in the sector of residential construction. Ciorogarla Project Phase I will be a good foundation for a larger scale real estate business.

BLS Romania participate in this project as Project Manager and Associate Partner.

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